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Club History Compiled by Charles Fisher - Page 1

Richings Park Bowls Club owes its origin to a few stalwarts who decided to form a Bowls Club in Richings Park, a new estate which was nearing completion.

They called an inaugural meeting at the Tower Arms on 21st September 1934 for the purpose of forming a Bowls Section of Richings Park Sports Club.

Those attending were Messrs. Berendt, A. Chartres, Brigadier General Elliott, A Kelly, F Nutt, O. Rowlands, N. Simpson, A. Young, R. Bramble, Cooper, F. Howe, A King, A. Plane, G. Shephard and R. Smith.

The first committee was formally elected with F Nutt as Captain. Mr Chartres offered a cup which is still competed for in Handicap Singles, and it was decided to make application to the Sports Club for sufficient ground for a green.

A meeting was called three days later to consider the financial position and it was agreed to circularise the Residents of Richings Park inviting membership. Each member to subscribe for shares of £1.1.0d to bear interest at 5% per annum.

The next meeting was held on the 15th October 1034 when it was announced that the Sports Club had allotted a space at a nominal rental of £1.0.0d. per annum for three years.

It was also announced that £37.0.0d. in respect of shares had been promised and this, together with the Committee's contribution, made a total of £62.0.0d. which was now available. The membership target was to be 50 but it was to be many years before this figure was reached.

However, by the next meeting on 22nd October 1934, membership had reached 45. This figure included several ladies who were to support the club by providing teas and refreshments, which must have been very difficult during war years. It is reported that they also did some scrubbing and cleaning in the main pavilion.

A decision was taken to proceed with the laying of the green. Robert Purser, a farmer of Colnbrook, had offered to plough the area free of charge and this was completed before the end of October ready for the turf to be laid. At the next meeting on the 25th October 1934 an estimate for laying turves submitted by Mr Page of Lossie Nurseries was considered. This was £126.10.0d. for 5,300 turves and the necessary work of levelling and spreading subsoil.

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